Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard
Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard
Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard
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Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard

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Enjoy every fun experience while riding this Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard. It features a longer battery life and a grain coated deck for added grip. It has a 3-speed power mode that is adjustable and can be switched quickly and easily. This skateboard is made of a strong plastic composite, supports dual-band FM to prevent disconnection, and provides a sense of security. Its wheel throttle and precise gear speed limit gives you a more refined sense of control. Unlock skills in 3 minutes and make skateboarding easier and more fun!


Excellent Speed:
This dual-motor skateboard could run up to 38kph when fully charged. Simply charge this skateboard for two whole hours to achieve its best performance and ability.

Ergonomic Remote Control: This skateboard comes with an ergonomic remote control that functions through a Bluetooth connection. Its refined marksmanship makes it super responsive and easy to navigate.


Wheel Size: 90 mm
Size: 31x 10.6x5in
Max Load: 80kg

Material: Glass Fiber, PP Composite

Package Includes:

1 x Ergonomic Remote
1 x Max2 Pro Electric Skateboard

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