2-Wheel Mini Hoverboard
2-Wheel Mini Hoverboard
2-Wheel Mini Hoverboard
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2-Wheel Mini Hoverboard

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Those with a little more ride time under their belts will probably enjoy this 2-Wheel Mini Hoverboard. It has a light indicator that lights up when switched on and keeps flashing while in use. You can enjoy music without dampening the important noises of the world around you with its built-in Bluetooth speaker. Perfect for beginners for it's lighter and smaller, making it easier to balance and use. 


Unique Lights: This hoverboard is equipped with unique and catchy multicolored LED lights. You can choose to turn it on or off when in use. It is safe to use at night because it can illuminate your way while riding it.

Integrated Bluetooth Speaker: This hoverboard will not only give you an enjoyable ride but it will also give you good music while roaming around your area. Simply connect your device via Bluetooth to start.


Size: 584x186x178mm
Charging Time: 120mins
Maximum Load: 110kg

Package Includes:

1 x 2-Wheel Mini Hoverboard

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