Things you should know before purchasing a hoverboard

Buying a hoverboard (AKA self-balancing scooter) can be a pretty overwhelming task especially because of the large number of options available in the market. So, if you are going to buy a hoverboard, mentioned below are the important things you should know.  


Buy it from a specialized store 

Many individuals prefer shopping online these days due to obvious reasons and when it comes to buying a hoverboard, it is no exception. However, when you shop online for a hoverboard, it is always recommended to choose a specialized store that sells electric vehicles. You can always ask any question pertaining to the product and clarify the doubts before making the final decision. That is because they are experts in what they do. In addition to that, independent stores (specialized stores) often offer lower prices compared to conventional stores because they run with minimal overhead costs.  


Check the return policy 

A reliable company that sells hoverboards is not hesitant to offer a substantial return policy as well. If there is no return policy, never go to such stores.  


The size of the wheels matters a lot 

Do you intend to use your hoverboard indoors? If that is the case, any wheel size will suffice. However, if you intend to ride it outdoors, you will encounter uneven terrains with cracks and bumps. You may require 8” wheels to overcome bumps that are bigger than quarter inch.  Also, if you intend to travel longer distances, you should prefer 10” hub as it will deliver better comfort. Basically, choosing the size of the wheels is a decision between comfort and portability. For pretty much all the users, we think the 8-inch wheels are the ideal option.  


Think about the replacement parts as well 

Before purchasing your hoverboard, be sure to contact the CS of the respective store and check if they have enough parts. If they do, that’s a green light. Otherwise, running here and there to find spare parts for your hoverboard can be pretty annoying.  


Know the wattage of the motor 

In general, hoverboards with smaller wheels come with a smaller motor. The general recommendation, in this case, is that you can go for a 500W motor that would be sufficient for a 6.5” wheel size. Also, if you go for an 8” wheel size, you should prefer 600W motor. Also, a 700W motor is an ideal size for 10” wheel size. To take it forward from here, you should simply divide the above values by two and obtain the ideal wattage per wheel. Make sure to check if the seller knows the answers to these types of questions as well. If not, you may look for a different option.  


That’s basically it. Be sure to buy from a specialized store and check their return policy in the first place. Then, check the wheel size and the availability of the parts. Also, check the wattage of the hoverboard. All those considerations will definitely help to choose the best hoverboard in the market.